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Founder of Arweave Sam Williams on the state of the ecosystem


The State of the Ecosystem

Permaweb apps are being built out, storage levels are at an all time high, and the Bundlr Network is working to facilitate payments on the protocol in cryptocurrencies other than $AR. This trajectory shows that Arweave is on a path to adoption.

"If you want to say something in public, Arweave is the most powerful and effective way of doing that because it does not just perpetuate your information across space, + replicate it across the world, it also replicates it across time, which is the most powerful way to speak."

Arweave's role in a decentralized social media should not be underestimated. This is because it provides a censorship resistant, permanent ledger of speech. For this reason, the Argora team chose Arweave on top of which to build a 'decentralized Twitter'.

Metaweave: a digital public square that lives on the Permaweb

"Currency drives a lot of the world; information drives everything in our current society"

Arweave is not only attractive to decentralized social media.

Blockchain technology revolutionizes trust requirements in digital systems, and what Arweave is doing is applying these new trust relationships to information broadly.

As such, it is difficult to see how all successful Web 2.0 companies' platforms and products won't be recreated and improved in a decentralized manner on Arweave.

Arweave could also serve as the backup or ledger of record for existing catalogs of work. A couple of examples of this would be for WordPress writers or YouTube creators to backup their work to Arweave so that they can guarantee their work can be consumed in perpetuity without censorship.

WordPress: WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for writers to publish their work

One of the responsibilities that miners would have relates to curation. With so much data being uploaded, it would be important that illegal content, for example, is not uploaded.

Shepherd allows miners to introspect the data so they can decide if they want to store it or not, or if they think a filter should be applied. Arweave is also working with organisations to ensure content such as child abuse imagery is not uploaded.

Moving forward, Arweave considers growth to come from (i) making it exceptionally easy to write data into the network; and (ii) making Arweave free at the point of use (this might mean watching an advertisement every so often to cover storage costs).

Arweave would also like to see established Web 2.0 platforms use Arweave as a backup for data. This would give creators, like those using WordPress or YouTube, comfort that their work will not be taken down or censored for an arbitrary reason.

Get all of the details on how to get involved with Arweave:



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