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Arweave News, Verto's design approach and more


News updates

- A wrapped $AR token is coming soon, so investors will be able to deposit into UniSwap and earn yield.

- As part of EIP 4444 Ethereum must consider how it will store its historical data. Arweave is uniquely positioned to be Ethereum's storage hub (KYVE Network are already archiving Solana's historical data.)

- The Bundlr has done 50 million transactions since launch, and is seeing 5 million data items per week. This is the main driver of Arweave activity at the moment.

- GLASS Protocol, who issues video NFTs backed by Arweave, continues to break its own records. Achieved an 11 ETH sale most recently.

VertoExchange Updates

(A) Permissions

Verto's main motivation here:

"to communicate to users exactly what permissions applications needed to access inside of their wallet - and give users very fine tune control of what they are ok with and what they are not ok with"

Verto wants to keep their main permissions as simple as possible: get wallet address; get all wallet addresses; encrypt/decrypt function; sign transaction permission. These are always under review to improve the UX.

Verto: a decentralized trading protocol built on top of Arweave

(B) Trust Scores and Application Allowances

The attempt to ensure that a Trust Score is representative of any given user's level of trust is always under review. Application allowances, which set thresholds for what an application can use so that users don't need to click on an additional button every single time they need to sign a tx, are also being built. (Many transactions on Arweave are not for sending currency, but for uploading data to permaweb. This means they don't require the same level of review.)

C) Hardware Wallet Support

There is a pull request that does support for signing transactions with a Ledger Wallet inside of ArConnect. This is currently in testing but almost ready to merge.

(D) Upcoming releases

(i) Verto is transitioning away from trading post infrastructure to a Smartweave based trustless solution, which is a great security improvement as it no longer relies on a network of servers.  

(ii) Verto has redesigned the Smartweave execution engine and built a system which enables people to execute a Smartweave contract not just in javascript but in Solidity, Python, and many other different languages. This makes everything significantly more accessible

(iii) NFTs

"Focused on building out user experiences and interfaces which enable people to tokenise ANY piece of data, and make it fungible or non-fungible."


Dropverse is building a platform which seeks to gamify the discovery and collection of NFTs. It will use aesthetic locations or algorithmically generated locations based on user location. (A little like PokemonGo for NFTs).

Dropverse: Explore the world around you for curated digital collectible drops.

It chose Arweave for its "true permanent storage" and is currently in private beta.

Get all of the details on the projects mentioned today here:

Twitter: @vertoexchange
Twitter: @getDropverse

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