Become an Arweave Amplifier

Be a core member of the growth team of the Permaweb. Arweave Amplifiers receive opportunities via challenges that result in rewards, early access, and swag from participating protocols and projects.

Be a catalyst for the first time in human history where we as individuals have the ability to store data in a decentralized and permanent manner. We're at a pivotal moment in the future of our digital civilization, be a part of the growth of this technology that has the possibility of changing the world in a very big way.

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Get started now with the first Usher campaign

Usher is a referral network built with Arweave. There is an active campaign with a total of 60 AR available to those who make real referrals as new signups for Usher. In addition to this, those that sign up early will get the Usher Alpha Pass NFT, which will include a number of perks via the Usher platform. Check out Usher here to sign up and begin earning rewards.